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What does it take to make an impact that stands the test of time? You!

There is nothing more precious than your time and energy. When you volunteer - be it an hour, a day, once a week, or once a month - you can create a tremendous impact on another person’s life. Volunteering will change your own life as well. Whether you are an individual with a desire to make a difference, represent a non-profit looking for volunteers, or a company looking for unique, rewarding, team-building activities, United Way is here to serve you.

For Individuals & Agencies

Volunteers are the backbone of United Way and our partner agencies. If you are interested in volunteering or have a volunteer need, please complete our volunteer form.

For Businesses

Employee Volunteer Program
United Way can help you build an Employee Volunteer Program that works best for your whole team based on your workplace culture while also fulfilling important needs in the community. When your employees volunteer through United Way,  you can feel confident the time and talent they give is helping build a stronger community.
  • Improve morale, retention and productivity - Employees engaged in giving back through their workplace have an increased focus on teamwork, leadership and skills which improve their performance. 
  • Enhancing your image and reputation - Community engagement through employee volunteering aids in building brand awareness in our local community.
Day of Caring
If you want to coordinate a large-scale volunteer day with your organization’s employees, United Way can walk you through the process - beginning to end - from choosing a project and coordinating volunteers, to evaluating the end result. Please allow 60-90 days of advance planning. 
Interested in bringing an Employee Volunteer Program to your workplace? Call 315–733–4691, ext 232, email, or complete our volunteer form.