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Staff List

Phone: 315-733-4691
Fax: 315-733-4105

Sandy Allbright
Title: Resource Development Coordinator
Ext: 223

Betty-Joan Beaudry
Title: Director of Community Impact and 2-1-1 Mid-York
Ext: 225

Jaime Bonfardice
Title: Director of Finance
Ext: 227

Kristyn Bucciero-Beckwith
Title: Director of Development and Marketing
Ext: 232

Jill Conley
Title: Office Manager
Ext: 241

Jordan Davies
Title: Volunteer and Event Coordinator
Ext: 226

Tiffanie Davis
Title: Community Impact and 2-1-1 Coordinator
Ext: 229

Dietra Harvey
Title: Utica ESPRI Administrator
Ext: 243

Erin Gutierrez Matt
Title: Executive Director, CEO
Ext: 231

Beth Meeusen
Title: Family School Coordinator

Dawn Potter
Title: Finance Specialist
Ext: 228

Robin Robinson
Title: Administrator of Initiatives and Grants
Ext: 240

Jason Romeyn
Title: Family School Coordinator

Royanne Sprowell
Title: Finance Assistant
Ext: 242

Carli Sterling
Title: Campaign Coordinator
Ext: 235

Bryan Washburn
Title: Marketing and Communications Manager
Ext: 224