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Helping adults and children in our community thrive by being healthy and active.

Good health is both a community responsibility and a community benefit. It goes beyond personal diet, exercise, and the many other individual choices we make. The foundation for a healthy life is in the neighborhoods we build and the environments we inhabit. When people have access to parks, bike paths, safe playgrounds, healthy foods, and good medical care, they are more likely to succeed in school, work, and life.

United Way is creating solutions that help everyone thrive, creating healthier communities that improve our collective quality of life. We’re focused on expanding access to healthy foods, opportunities for physical activity, and quality health care. To do this, we partner with local schools, governments, health agencies and other community-based nonprofits.

Click here to see a listing of all United Way funded programs through Strategic Investment grants.


If you need help paying for your prescription medications, there’s hope.

Prescription medications can be extremely expensive. To ease the burden for individuals and families United Way offers discounts on prescription medications through the free FamilyWize discount card. With the FamilyWize card, there are no forms to fill out, there is no waiting period and no registration. The card serves as a reusable coupon on FDA-approved medicines.

There are three ways to get your FamilyWize card: 1) Print your card by clicking here, 2)  download the FamilyWize app for iPhone or Android, or 3) call United Way at 315-733-4691 to have a card mailed to you.

Learn more about how FamilyWize works, look up your medications to see how much you can save with the card, and read more testimonials at