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Fit Kids Fit Future

What is Fit Kids Fit Future?

Fit Kids Fit Future teaches children skills needed for life long health, to reduce obesity and improve overall body functioning, all while empowering them to take responsibility for their own health.

This groundbreaking physical education and health program is implemented in after school, drop in, and community programs. Youth are engaged to help them understand how the movements they learn will help them improve in the activities they care about most — whether those activities include playing sports, riding a bike or even playing video games.

Physical Education Component

The curriculum stresses functional fitness – eleven “Universal Movements” which underline the activities of daily living necessary for healthy movement throughout life. Using exercise progression, this format ensures success for every child and is a life long biomarker for functional health.

Health Component

The flow of the program moves organically from a focus on personal values, goal-setting and competencies at the outset, through more general health topics like nutrition and sleep, to a global focus on community building and shared responsibility.

Sarah’s Story – breaking down barriers to healthy living and physical fitness.

When Sarah began the Fit Kids Fit Future program she did not think she would enjoy learning about healthy living and physical fitness. She wanted to learn how to be more fit to keep up with her friends when they played sports and to learn how to eat better. At her own pace, Sarah moved through the daily exercise progression, diligently tracking her progress on the Fit and Ready Scorecard. Over the course of the program, Sarah has become more confident — she feels healthier and better about herself. In Sarah’s words, “Fit Kids Fit Future made a huge impact on me!”




Invest in Fit Kids Fit Future

You can provide our community’s youth the critical foundation they need to help reduce childhood obesity and develop a healthy lifestyle. Make a gift to support Fit Kids Fit Future.

Questions about our Fit Kids Fit Future initiative? Email Robin Robinson, Administrator of Initiatives and Grants, or call 315-733-4691, ext. 240.